£300    Sym Husky 125cc Ideal learner repair/spares

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Husky 125


Was originally bought as a project by me to get my missus on the road, but was stolen from our front garden. My insurance was 3rd Party Only (never again - it was just a cheap way of getting it on the road for the missus to learn on). Police recovered the vehicle minus a few parts and not running. Which makes me think they stole it for parts :S (I don't see why as they're all over ebay)

To get this bike back on the road you WILL need;

Piston, Piston Rings, Gaskets, Carburettor, Keys and Lockset, Exhaust (they BENT and snapped it off!?) Rockers (including tappets),, Rear Indicators, Possibly new valves. The cylinder looks like it could be honed and a new set of rings would bed in. There's some slight scoring but minimal (apparently - according to mechanic friend of mine. It's a shame really because this bike does have an MOT, it passed in March with just the rear indicator as an advisory (which doesn't matter now because they're gone too!)
When it was running, it would take £12 to fill the tank (In March and April this year) and would get me to Skegness and back with the missus in tow!), it was really economical and really quite fast for a 125 (65mph down MFN "drag strip", and cruise quite happily at 80mph, push it to 90.off the road of course :) )

The missus has been donated a Z440 LTD (Jealous much!) which needs alot less work and is a better size for her (she's a small girl and the husky is quite large and deceiving), so she's gnna take a D.A.S. in 2 months. this needs to be gone and cash in hand by TOMORROW! If it doesn't, it'll all go to the scrappy for £200!

I'm asking 300, but realistically, if anyone turns up, drops me £250 in my hand and puts her on a trailer, I'll be happy.
I have the v5C somewhere, I'll try and dig it out, I also have the MOT somewhere, also try to dig that out, put a bit of work into her (or even buy another engine from a scrappy) and she'll be a real nice bike again.
Also, the read seat and rack were taken off to discourage the kid who owned it before us taking passengers, don't know where theya re, but it has a nice "bobber" look to it now!
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02 Jun, 2011
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