£450    2005 Renault Grand Scenic / Spares, Repair Or Parts

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Grand Scenic
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I have owned this car for 14 years and it's been a great reliable car (Bessie) it has never let me down and has been well looked after. I purchased a new car last week and put this one through an MOT and it has failed as shown on pic 3 - I don't want to scrap her as a family could get a good use of the 7 seats and as you can see mileage isn't high but I've not got the time to get it sorted.

So if anyone is any good at repairing motors and looking for a 7 seater feel free to buy. Giving it a week to see if anyone is interested and if not she will go to car heaven. If you buy to repair she is a great runner but cosmetically she has war wounds - she is 15 years old after all. Tires are all good, even the spare. Interior not bad for her age. Huge boot if the 2 seats are down but still reasonable if they are up.

Back 3 seats fold flat great for transporting large items had numerous things in her over the years very cavernous. I am so sad to see her go but hopefully, someone will want her and get her back on the road again. I have 2 remote keys with her also. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks for reading.

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05 Jul, 2019
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